Mindful Self-Compassion - Feedback from Participants

Taught by: Mary O'Callaghan

This 8-week course has done me an unbelievable power of good. Coming to it with a life-long antipathy to self-compassion as being self-serving, self-excusing and self-forgiving, it was mind-blowing to discover that it is none of those things. Simply by discovering early on in the course that I would never judge another person in the heartless way I tend to judge myself, a huge residue of negativity was lifted from me and I found soothing ways of tending to the mistakes I make, thereby opening up creative ways of learning from them rather than sinking further into hopelessness and self-recrimination. A true life-changer!
— Brian (Chartered Accountant)
Thank you so much!! it was a wonderful course. A course for me I would take again and again. There are so many layers. Each week’s subject was in itself a course. An area of deep exploration. It was truly a privilege to take this course. What a wonderful group and teacher.
— Suzanna (Actor)
I completed the MIndful Self Compassion Course at Oscailt around 6 months ago. I have to say the course was excellent and delivered benefits far beyond my expectations. By exploring a side of self-compassion that otherwise I never would have discovered, I found the course helped me to adjust my perspective on life for the better and see a new side to myself. 6 months on and I’m continuing to develop my understanding and practice of self compassion and enjoying the positive benefits for myself and those around me that have materialised as a consequence.
— James (Entrepreneur)
The Mindful Self Compassion course was a very important experience both personally and professionally. It gave me a way of responding to the inevitable suffering of my life and that of people around me in a different way, with greater kindness and ease. As the time goes by I notice a lot more spontaneity and tenderness in my life.
— Benny McCabe (Psychologist)
I have been enjoying treatments, exercise classes, drop-in meditation classes and fascinating courses in Oscailt for many years. There is always something interesting going on there.
I recently did the Mindful Self Compassion course which was real experience! It had an interesting mix of Western psychology and mindfulness which was explained by Mary in a simple, straightforward way. I learnt things about myself and learnt how life can be easier and more fun.
Thank you Mary for another great course.
— Conor Mulligan, Harolds Cross
I said in the class I was like ‘a tough old boot’, that’s the way I saw myself, but this course has allowed me to see how fragile I am also. It has opened up a world of awareness around kindness, understanding and compassion for myself, and the fragility of all human beings who need this soothing compassion too. It has also shown me a new way to respond to difficult and testing times.

I feel I gained quite an understanding at how harshly and judgementally I treated myself and others without thinking. From the first week I found myself thinking in a more softer, gentler way. This new way of being was fundamental in creating a new voice inside my head. The course I feel, has allowed me space to be more reflective, kinder not just with myself, but others with whom I share my life.

I feel I benefited from the course and would love to do another one.
I found Mary’s style fun, interactive and warm.
— Ina (Psychotherapist)